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Rental Services

Rental Services

Thank you for visiting Owner Home List Pages. Here you can have your property listed on so that PIPS can act either as a Full Rental Service Agent or as only a Referral Agent. In both cases you will be increasing the rental opportunities available to you.

Click on one of the buttons below to view the synopsis of our rental program you may require:

Please read and fill in the relevant areas below. You will then be able to submit the information for your home to us. We will then contact you to take care of the necessary paperwork and photos if necessary. Please be advised that not all homes are ideally suited for this type of rental. Therefore please read the minimum requirements below before commencing

Owner Rental Requirements

Owner Rental Requirements

  • Inspection of the home
  • Full information on location and facilities
  • Access to the home for photos or provision of photos of a suitable standard
  • Advance notice on periods of intended owner occupation ***
  • Inventory of items that would need to be checked ***
  • Full instructions on the house should the owner not be available in times of emergency ***
  • 1 Full set of keys with one set spare for tenants. *
  • If the Owner does not live in Phuket, a representative who is familiar with the house to attend to engineering or emergency issues *
  • Staff to provide daily cleaning services and twice weekly linen changes, guest supplies, welcome pack and relevant printed guest orientation materials *
  • Completion and signing of the PIPS Letting services agreement.

*** Full rental service only
* Agency Referral Service only

Please note: It will not be possible to represent homes for rental under the following conditions: The home is situated in an area or development/ estate where construction is in progress either within a 50m radius of the house or within the estate . The home is only partly furnished. Please see the required inventory items Click for more info.


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Services & Facilities


Television Systems vary between properties and you will either be receiving service from UBC satellite TV or the local Cable operator. Each provider supply’s movie channels, sports channels, international news and general interest channels.. UBC subscribers may access the abridged program guide on the decoder using the remote control. The printed version of the UBC program guide is delivered sporadically. We will always endeavor to have an updated copy and apologize if it is not.Local cable providers do not have any for of program guide available.


A number of villas and apartments have safes installed. Please contact the office should you wish to utilize the safe in your property or if you have a problem with the safe. Otherwise we have a drop safe in the office suitable for small items. Please contact us if you wish to use this service. Please note access to the above safe is during office hours only. Although all safety precautions will be taken, the management will not be responsible for any valuables left therein.


All PIPS properties have fully equipped kitchens with cutlery, crockery, glassware, cooking utensils, hob, microwave (oven) and fridge. Please ensure you check the inventory provided after check in and before departure. Losses or damage will be charges according to the replacement value of the item shown.

Swimming Pool

Your property will either have a communal swimming pool or a private one for your personal use. Communal Pools are usually open from 07.00hrs until 20.00hrs. Please use the color towels provided for use at the swimming pool. Children are to be supervised at all times. Please ensure that toddlers and babies wear appropriate hygienic swimwear. Some pools are saline chlorinated; so don’t be alarmed if you notice a slightly salty taste. Please be considerate of other guests should you wish to use the communal pools outside of the established hours. Please read the swimming pool rules, as they may be applicable to the property you occupy

Housekeeping / Cleaning

Our housekeeping staff will clean your home daily with the exception of long-term tenancies. Housekeeping services are available between 08h30 and 17h30 daily Additional / specialist cleaning is available on request. Please contact the operations supervisor to discuss your needs. Please refer to the optional guest services schedule for service prices

Bed Linen and Towels

Towels and bedding will be changed every third day of your stay with the exception of long-term tenancies. Extra laundering of linen and towels is available. Please refer to the optional guest services schedule for service prices:

Personal Laundry

Should your home have a washing machine available, please feel free to use it. If not, please contact your housekeeper should you have some personal laundering requirements. Please detail the items to be laundered on the form provided, place the items in the bags provided and hand to the housekeeper servicing your home. These items will be charged according to the list provided. Laundry will be returned by 5pm the following day. Should you have urgent laundry requirements, please inform the supervisor or guest services.

Car Rental

Please contact the office for your car hire requirements. The vehicle can be delivered and dropped off either at the house or at the airport. Please be advised that some car hire companies, although offering attractive rates will not provide the necessary support in case of an emergency.


Please contact the office for taxi or airport transfer requirements. Kindly settle direct with the taxi driver. If you are not using a metered taxi, always agree to the price beforehand. Similarly, tuk-tuk’s are possibly the most expensive mode of transport on the island and be sure to set the price before getting aboard. Motorcycle taxis are fast, cheap and convenient but as you are at the bottom of the traffic “food chain” a lot more hazardous.


There are a myriad of motorbike rental options. Please bear in mind that insurance companies cover none of the bikes. This means that you will be held personally responsible for and damage to a bike. Please remember that the wearing of helmets at all times when riding is the law.


We have an extensive range of companies that can arrange anything from relaxing days on the water, adventure sports, cultural and special interest excursions. We suggest only those operators who have a proven track record of exceptional service and maintain an eco – conscious operation. Please contact the Estate office / reception or Guest services on 076 270752 for further details.

Baby Sitters

Baby sitters are available should you need some quality time. Please contact the office the day before so that the necessary arrangements can be made.


If you would like a quiet dinner at home without the bother of cooking we can arrange for a chef to come to your home and prepare meals for you in true Thai style. Please contact the office at least 24 hours beforehand for details.

Drinking water

We do not advise drinking tap water. Cheap bottled drinking water is freely available all over the island.


A 10% service charge is levied on holiday tenancies but rewarding a staff member who has been especially helpful is always appreciated.


If you have allocated parking spaces with your property please use only that space. If you do not have a allocated parking use the spaces dedicated for parking or park in a safe area taking care not to block access to other vehicles and the emergency services. Please park with courtesy to others in mind

Lost and Found

Please hand any items of personal property found on the premises to the office for safekeeping.

Breakage and Damage

We understand that accidents happen. Should you damage of break anything in the house, please inform the housekeeper. You will find attached an inventory or standard items list in the guest directory showing the replacement cost of the more common items. In the case of more substantial damage to the home or contents, a supervisor to discuss the alternatives will contact you.

Power Supply

Electrical power supply is 220 – 240v. Please check the power rating for any personal appliances before using.

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