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Rental Services

Rental Services

Thank you for visiting Owner Home List Pages. Here you can have your property listed on so that PIPS can act either as a Full Rental Service Agent or as only a Referral Agent. In both cases you will be increasing the rental opportunities available to you.

Click on one of the buttons below to view the synopsis of our rental program you may require:

Please read and fill in the relevant areas below. You will then be able to submit the information for your home to us. We will then contact you to take care of the necessary paperwork and photos if necessary. Please be advised that not all homes are ideally suited for this type of rental. Therefore please read the minimum requirements below before commencing

Owner Rental Requirements

Owner Rental Requirements

  • Inspection of the home
  • Full information on location and facilities
  • Access to the home for photos or provision of photos of a suitable standard
  • Advance notice on periods of intended owner occupation ***
  • Inventory of items that would need to be checked ***
  • Full instructions on the house should the owner not be available in times of emergency ***
  • 1 Full set of keys with one set spare for tenants. *
  • If the Owner does not live in Phuket, a representative who is familiar with the house to attend to engineering or emergency issues *
  • Staff to provide daily cleaning services and twice weekly linen changes, guest supplies, welcome pack and relevant printed guest orientation materials *
  • Completion and signing of the PIPS Letting services agreement.

*** Full rental service only
* Agency Referral Service only

Please note: It will not be possible to represent homes for rental under the following conditions: The home is situated in an area or development/ estate where construction is in progress either within a 50m radius of the house or within the estate . The home is only partly furnished. Please see the required inventory items Click for more info.


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Rental FAQs

Q. The phrase 'Owner's Guest', which is also referred to in the Letting Rates Agreement, is not clear whether they are paying guests or not?

An "Owners guest" is a person sourced either by the owner, PIPS or one of their agents paying an advertised room rate. An Owner Guest is someone you are allowing to use your condominium/ villa free of charge. Owner’s guests pay only for the services they receive (cleaning / bed linen etc. unless you specify that you will be paying for them.

Q. If a family member or friend of mine wishes to stay in the unit (which is very unlikely, but I would like to allow for the eventuality), then I obviously would not want them to have to pay? They would obviously have to stay during a free day/s (days that are not reserved by paying guests).

As the owner you have the right to stay in your condominium/ villa whenever you like. All we ask is that you confirm with us in advance. If you would like to have friends stay you may do so with the same conditions for reservation as applied to you the owner. You may want to extend the use of the condominium/ villa to acquaintances and charge them or even offer the use of the condominium/ villa to business colleagues to enhance goodwill and close a dea

Q. There is no mention of what happens if PIPS gives a discount. I assume this means you will only let at the published rates but please confirm. The reference to PIPS determining the rates for letting "in PIPS discretion" is therefore inappropriate (unless PIPS bears the full cost of any discount it gives).

PIPS will only sell at published rates. The rates you receive will form what is known as the "Rack Rates". These are the maximum published rates. We will offer discounts for online bookings for example. These will be absorbed on a pro rata basis. Agents commission will, on the other hand, but paid for out of the PIPS percentage. PIPS will not discount more than 30% and the Owner is similarly requested not to provide more than 30% if they want the guest to receive the standard services.

Q. The 70:30 split is new and I had expected 80:20. The original proposal was 80:20. This was based on an Owner and PIPS sharing the costs.

This became very cumbersome from an administrative point of view as it meant that we would have 3 different scales of charges i.e.

1. Where PIPS takes care of all expenses
2. Where we split expenses
3. Long term rentals where the rate is a room only rate.
With a 70:30 split we take care of all expenses for rentals. In a sense, it is as if we pay you the owner the 10% commission that would normally go to the agent while providing the services incorporated with a short-term rental

Q. I note that if the owner gives a discount of more than 30% this comes from the owner's share.

Because we pay all the expenses of cleaning, inventories etc we are not in a position to take a reduced rate that does not cover our expenses. In order to rent your condominium/ villa and still offer the inherent services, owners will have to follow the advertised rates.

Q. Where do I find the rates

We will keep you updated on the rates and promotions we have on offer. These will be emailed to you and also placed on our web site e.g. ( for public viewing.

Q. There is no mention of owner's friends and relations but there will be some people who I will want to use the condominium/ villa free of charge and to be treated as if I was using it myself. How do we deal with this?

You let us know in good time when your friends will be coming. We confirm with you availability. You let us know what they must pay for and what must be billed to you. Although we do not make any return on the accommodation rental services have to be paid for

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