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Rental Services

Rental Services

Thank you for visiting Owner Home List Pages. Here you can have your property listed on so that PIPS can act either as a Full Rental Service Agent or as only a Referral Agent. In both cases you will be increasing the rental opportunities available to you.

Click on one of the buttons below to view the synopsis of our rental program you may require:

Please read and fill in the relevant areas below. You will then be able to submit the information for your home to us. We will then contact you to take care of the necessary paperwork and photos if necessary. Please be advised that not all homes are ideally suited for this type of rental. Therefore please read the minimum requirements below before commencing

Owner Rental Requirements

Owner Rental Requirements

  • Inspection of the home
  • Full information on location and facilities
  • Access to the home for photos or provision of photos of a suitable standard
  • Advance notice on periods of intended owner occupation ***
  • Inventory of items that would need to be checked ***
  • Full instructions on the house should the owner not be available in times of emergency ***
  • 1 Full set of keys with one set spare for tenants. *
  • If the Owner does not live in Phuket, a representative who is familiar with the house to attend to engineering or emergency issues *
  • Staff to provide daily cleaning services and twice weekly linen changes, guest supplies, welcome pack and relevant printed guest orientation materials *
  • Completion and signing of the PIPS Letting services agreement.

*** Full rental service only
* Agency Referral Service only

Please note: It will not be possible to represent homes for rental under the following conditions: The home is situated in an area or development/ estate where construction is in progress either within a 50m radius of the house or within the estate . The home is only partly furnished. Please see the required inventory items Click for more info.


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Marketing Channels provided products and support to customers and projects at a level not seen before from a property rental company.

Upgrade of

PIPS performed a major upgrade of in 2008. Positive feedback from Owners and guests prompted us to reconfigure the entire site to provide more functionality for enquiries and a more streamlined process for owners.

Owners can now check the availability of their home online, automatically receive notification of a booking and can chech their rental history.

Guests are now able to narrow down their search by price, number of rooms and location of the home. The automation of the system allows for a reduction in the "human factor" whilst still allowing for direct contact with a reservationists via our Skype connections.

We will continue to refine the site with all the ideas and suggestions received to make it more user friendly.

Web Advertising

We maintain our top 5 position in Google and have the necessary AdWord campaigns in place to keep us there for 2009. Submissions to the major search engines has increased the visibility of your home to new heights which will be of benefit.

We maintain web adverts with the most important international holiday home rental portals and include some of the "up and comers" in our plans.

We also maintain a solid program of banner ads and listings in directory sites which see an increase in delivering enquiries to our door.



AdSence is a Google advertising product that we will be incorporating into our websites in 2009. You may be familiar with these from sites you have visited that provide an “Ads by Google” section. We will be placing these on our websites that provide information on the developments we host rental sites for with the intention of raising visibility on the web. PIPS is the only company that hosts estate rental websites at no extra cost to the Owners on that development.

Wholesale agents

We have been courting whlesale agents and with hotels now providing serviced homes as part of their portfolios, agents are now showing more interest in this area. Owing to the similar specifications in the apartments, the level of facilities available, a 5 month contract with a wholsaler was concluded late in 2007 for properties at Club Lersuang.

This being the first deal of its kind in a property allowing the Owners such latitude in their rentals is a significant event and shows that it is possible to structure these kinds of deals and to take advantage of this source of business.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is taking more of a back seat in attracting guests these days. We did run a campaign in the Phuket Gazette for the relaunch of but will be careful in our allocations in 2009.

Of course multiple entries to the Gazette Guide and the Online Guide have been placed. A total of 6 properties / companies in 5 different
categories means that you get some of the best exposure possible for 10US$


- New Offices
A print ad campaign and party was held to launch our new offices in March. The event was well attended by the Press, Owners, guests and friends alike. A bit of rain did not hamper the spirit of the event and paid almost immediate dividends in enquiries.

- Phuket Race Week sponsored S/Y EOS over Phuket Race Week. This together with sponsored prizes provided some great awareness in this well healed market segment, which has stood us in good stead in the past. Unfortunately, EOS is no longer in Phuket but we hope to ally ourselves with our old friend John Clayton, Owner of Millennium, a 72ft racer and the largest in the fleet, this year.

- Kamala Go Surfing Contest
You may know Allan is South African and a surfer, Having won this event in the past PIPS support is relied upon. Ok, so this was a more in support of the locals but locals have clients too and greatly appreciated our involvement and support of local orientated sporting events.


- Phuket Elite

We ran a number of promotions through Phuket Elite, our promotional vehicle. Considering the international market, price is going to be key in 2009's occupancy figures and we have a fine bouquet of promotions on the cards to attract bookings.

Some of the periods we are focusing on are Chinese New Year, Songkran / Easter, Golden Week and family days. We will also be providing attractive rates for the “Green Season” and the international school holiday periods.

The major difference this year is enabling agents to promote the Elite products which although not a great source of business, great to have in place for when things pick up again.

- Just in Time

Forward bookings for holiday rentals are getting shorter as folks plan for the year ahead. We have started to see that bookings are being made closer to the time of arrival and have great plans to take advantage of the fact to secure more bookings.

If you are familiar with or you will understand how this works. The main difference being that no one has provided this for holiday homes in Phuket before.

We have launched a "Just in Time" program providing attractive rates for bookings made within 14 days of arrival.

I will be contacting you in the near future with more details as we expand on this winning formula.

Social Support

We provided support in the form of accommodation prizes and cash to the Phuket International Womes group Soi Dog Foundation and Phuket Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in 2008. Many thanks to all of you who made you home available so that the underprivileged, both human and animal could have a more bearable year. Much appreciated.

Of course we will be sending round the hat this year so please let me know whether you will make your home available again this year. Just for 2 days and we will provide all the services to ensure the prize winner has a great time and donates even more to these worthy causes.

From a rental holiday home perspective, although not as rosy as years past, the bookings from FIT (Foreign Independent Travelers) which makes up the majority of tenants will not decrease as much as bookings from agents or wholesale travel agents. We will therefore be focusing on this market segment in 2009 but developing relationships with our agents and supporting them with product wherever possible to ensure the greatest scope of business sources.

To summarize, this will be a tough year. The hotels say that their figures will be lower than post tsunami and lay-off are immenent. Anyone planning to travel will be extremely price sensitive and discounting from rack rate will be the norm. We will not be discounting more than the agreed 30% on holiday rentals but, as with post tsunami, we may contact you should it be necessary to consider promotions that would take us over that threshold.

Suffice it to say that we will be doing everything in our power to maximize your rentals and constantly strive to provide you with the greatest Full Service holiday home marketing and reservations service in Phuket.

For more information about current market conditions and what we are expecting in the year to come,
please check out an exclusive interview with Allan Mossop by Bill Barnett:

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